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Thank you for applying to the Entrepreneur Launch Pad

As we start to assemble our next cohort, we invite you to join our community and take the courses provided.  


BOSS Essentials is our gift to you.  These courses provide invaluable insights and resources for all early stage founders.

While your acceptance into our next cohort is not contingent upon completing BOSS Essentials or the information you provide through its tools, we will review your progress. 


We encourage your feedback on the methodologies provided in BOSS Essentials

What's BOSS Essentials

Advanced learning platform for early stage founders

A library of tools, best practices, and guidelines that produce personalized, actionable outputs you can use now

An agile operating system - leveraging the most effective methodologies for startups.  We ditched what doesn’t work

A community of founders to engage and discuss what works

BOSS is a formula for startup success

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